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By GabrielN (registered) | Posted December 05, 2013 at 19:49:59

I think the elites used to go by the name 'West Harbour Association' and their small group co-opted the whole of the North End to advance their 'we don't want people from Ancaster/Dundas driving in our neighborhoods.

The elites are not the planners or consultants. The problem with this plan is that it was devised 11 years ago and then fought tooth and nail by the aforementioned elites to ensure they only have access to the beautiful Bay.

If not for their opposition, the pilot project would have ended May 2014, and not the now estimated 2018.

As for the Molloy quote, that was off the cuff. There is so many hurdles to changing things in this plan that it may as well be set in stone. But now that I see it in the Spectator, maybe that's some ammo.

North End residents are not part of the NEN group. They represent 100 people and dance to the tune of the elites. An association should represent all, but a membership fee discourages that.

Chokers on side streets where there are no traffic issues is Just wasting taxpayers money. No Right turn on Simcoe is a disaster for Picton residents who now endure cut through traffic. Bay street bows looks like a go cart track. As a 40 year resident who raised 4 kids who are still alive alluded to '30km is great, but the rest is not necessary'.

Keep the 1.2 million and apply it to more pressing projects and one day, when the finances are good we can window dress this city. If the residents want.

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