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By RobF (registered) | Posted December 05, 2013 at 19:14:47 in reply to Comment 95563

I get the overall traffic management plan and support the chokers and bump outs ... i live off John St, so i'm well aware that the 30km/h doesn't mean much without street design changes. The people who spoke the loudest at the meeting attacked the chokers and bump-outs, but there was a wider concern about loss of parking from people who were generally supportive of the plan. It isn't an issue on my street, which has parking on both sides and some off-street parking. Most households seem to have only one car. I think most of the opposition and complaints about parking were from people on Burlington, Bay St, and the North-East section of the North End. The idea of doing a parking census or survey was suggested after the meeting ... i would be curious to know whether the problem is as acute as some suggested or whether they were just railing against something new. I've been to enough public meetings not to find what i heard unusual. Meetings to create the plans attract a different crowd than those called to discuss a finished plan or its implementation. People who don't like or agree with changes being made always say they haven't been adequately consulted. Sometimes that's true, but it really doesn't matter whether the process has been grass-roots or top-down ... some people won't know what's happening and others will be unhappy with the results. I'm a relative newcomer to the North End, i've been aware of the traffic management plan for a while and support it, but i can't do much to counter the accusations that it is "elites" and people moving in from Toronto that are behind it ... other longer-term residents who fought for it need to take the lead on defending it.

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