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By RobF (registered) | Posted December 05, 2013 at 16:42:58

There were some suggestions of tactical urbanism mentioned at the meeting ... it was inferred by a few speakers that the traffic sticks might disappear in the night if the city didn't remove them. Also lots of suggestions from nay-sayers, mostly long-time area residents, that the whole thing was cooked up by "elites" which I inferred were planners and new residents, people under 40 and presumably recently arrived from Toronto. Given that the traffic management plan was pushed for by the North End Neighbours and the process started almost a decade ago it is hard to say that people like me (new arrivals) are behind it. Many of us with young children certainly support it, however.

Haven't read the Spec article, but if they didn't mention it ... at the end of the meeting a show of hands indicated that those in audience were split down the middle on the traffic calming features ... chokers and bump-outs ... but there seemed to be general support for reducing thru-traffic on side streets and the new 30km/h speed limit.

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