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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted November 27, 2013 at 18:03:16 in reply to Comment 95132

Compounding the problem is that the more urban wards are extremely under-represented compared to the more suburban wards. The 2006 census shows that wards 1-8 have an average population of 41,000, while wards 9-15 have an average population of only 25,000. This means that a resident of wards 9-15 effectively has 1.64 times the influence of wards 1-8.

The most extreme example is ward 7 which has 3.6 times the population of ward 14!

At least if the wards had more or less equal population we wouldn't be exacerbating the urban/suburban imbalance ... and basic democratic principles say that representation should be at least roughly based on population.

There was a petition to force a review of the ward boundaries to keep the number of resident per ward within 25%, that unfortunately failed on a technicality (the impossibility of verifying the signers against a non-updated voter list).

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