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Auditor General of Ontario, 2012:

“According to the Ministry of the Environment (Ministry), approximately half of Ontario’s smog comes from pollutants that originate in the United States and are transported here by winds. The other half, however, comes from domestic sources, including utilities (for example, power plants), industries (for example, metal smelters and petroleum refineries), on-road motor vehicles and other forms of transportation (for example, trains and aircraft). Vehicles also contribute to greenhouse gas emissions (such as carbon dioxide) and toxic contaminants (such as carbon monoxide and benzene), which also adversely affect air quality. “

Figure 1: Changes in Province-Wide Domestic Emissions and Contribution by Road Vehicles to Those Changes 1998-2010

Pollutant / % of Total Domestic Emissions Contributed by Road Vehicles

Nitrogen oxides: 34% (1998) 25% (2010)
Volatile Organic Compounds: 21% (1998) 12% (2010)
Particulate Matter: 4% (1998) 3% (2010)
Carbon Monoxide: 62% (1998) 44% (2010)

Pollutant / Source of Most Domestic Emissions (2010)

Nitrogen oxides: Non-road transportation
Volatile Organic Compounds: General solvent use
Particulate Matter: Residential
Carbon Monoxide: Road vehicles

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