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By fmurray (registered) | Posted November 23, 2013 at 15:02:38 in reply to Comment 95003

I agree with you, Vienna Cafe. I was the one who raised this question last Sunday evening, and although David Crombie's optimism is contagious, the mathematical reality of suburban councillors outnumbering core councillors is something that is not solveable by advocates alone.

We need a different model that allows progressive improvement in the downtown core to go ahead. I'm thinking of small issues (backyard chickens) and large ones (complete streets) that directly affect downtown residents and don't, or only marginally, affect Flamborough/Stoney Creek residents. I don't think de-amalgamation is the answer either, and I don't know the answer. But I do know the math doesn't work for progress in the downtown, except the miniscule steps that we have to fight for every step of the way. And it gets tiring, and then a local columnist blames advocates for dropping the ball on campaigning for bike lanes on the Queen Street Hill.

It really shouldn't be this difficult. Where are our progressive thinkers in public office, like the David Crombies, who read Jane Jacobs and apply the principles to their own urban environment?

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