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By good for the gander (anonymous) | Posted November 23, 2013 at 05:37:29

waterdown has growing congestion on dundas street during rush hour. if main street in downtown hamilton is the solution to moving high volumes of traffic at high speed through downtown areas i think the time has come to turn dundas street into a one way west bound highway. after all, highway 5 is an important intercity truck route. we can twin this with making parkside drive one way east bound. think of how well all the businesses on dundas street will do with the same amount of cars traveling way faster in a single direction with limited parking and reduced pedestrian activity! let's get on this! let's save waterdown downtown! after all, i have a right as a citizen of hamilton to drive as fast as possible through any community. i want to be able to get from clappisons corners to burlington in 5 minutes.

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