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By jason (registered) | Posted November 22, 2013 at 09:57:08

In such a vast region as the Golden Horseshoe, Hamilton's built heritage offers a competitive advantage that few communities can challenge.

This. I recently presented at city council, and when councillors were discussing the Strathcona transportation plan, they took aim at the plans to somewhat improve Main St. Ferguson said "Main St is our number 1 competitive advantage OVER Toronto".
There' so much wrong with that statement, it's mind-boggling, but the biggest error is that thinking the Main St freeway is looked at as an advantage over vibrant, active, urban streets. Our urbanism is absolutely our number 1 competitive advantage over the sprawling GTA. It's why so many ex-TO folks move to lower Hamilton.
After my presentation, Terry Whitehead asked me my opinion as to how Strathcona had seen the highest home price increase in the entire city over the past decade - 89%. I told them it's due to the desire for urban living and walkability to great parks, downtown retail, markets, schools, old narrow streets etc..... you could see many councillors have a bit of a 'ah-a' moment when seeing the stats and the photos of Strathcona's streets. I told them that Main, York and King are the biggest hindrances and obstacles to truly booming urban neighbourhoods taking shape. Main St is a massive hindrance, not an advantage. Stinson lofts, like Strathcona's streets, show how much demand there is for great, urban living in reclaimed, historic spaces.

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