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By Sara (registered) | Posted November 15, 2013 at 18:19:49

Great article Ryan (and thanks for the plug!)

The solution in my eyes, is of course to push the City to adopt a Complete Streets Policy.

A Complete Streets policy is exactly the sort that Matthew talks about above and would take the routine accomodation approach from the Pedestrian Mobility Plan and apply it for all users.

This would not mean that all streets would get bike lanes, but it does mean that specific consideration would be given in each road project for the safety and convenience of pedestrians, cyclists and transit users along with motor vehicles.

But I'm not convinced that a map of what we want a cycling network to look like in 5 or 10 years is useless. Without a comprehensive network map, using solely a Complete Streets approach could lead to a fragmented cycling network.

The other failing of the current Cycling Master Plan as it stands now is still too focussed on the West End. Look at just the portion of the map in the accompanying photo - how does it make any sense that there's no North-South bike routes between Victoria and Gage?

As Matthew says, the one good thing about ("capital P") Plans is that they do get reviewed on a 5 year cycle, and refined and made better each time. A Luta Continua...

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