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By mikeonthemountain (registered) | Posted November 07, 2013 at 08:03:59 in reply to Comment 94412

I have lived on Hamilton mountain for 20 years (whoa time flies) and the only thing even resembling "gridlock" occurred on days of multiple accidents in major intersections, linc or 403 closures, access closures - basically just outlier events that are infrequent. And even on those occasions, it was congestion and backlog, not "gridlock". That is hyperbole even on the worst traffic days. Rymal Road maybe needs the gravel shoulder paved to twin it. The closest thing to actual gridlock I ever saw was the declaration of a snow emergency and a request to stay off the streets so plows could work.

On a typical day - speeding, aggressive driving, honking at cyclists, flooring it when the hand starts flashing - these are the norm. I used to drive this way sometimes when I was younger. It was immature and sociopathic of me to do that; I've changed. Others can too.

This ties into another comment I made, and others here have made, about the issues with entitlement. Drama queens sometimes consider stopping at a red light to be "gridlock". Or having to line up behind other cars at an intersection is "gridlock". Or having to slow down because the person in front is not doing 80kph on Mohawk Road like they want to. At the cost of everything else that makes a city safe and pleasant. What a bunch of bull.

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