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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted November 05, 2013 at 10:58:01

Ironically, City Hall itself has an incredibly pedestrian unfriendly entrance to its parking lot off Bay St. Instead of crossing one right-angle intersection with two lanes, pedestrians must cross three distinct roads: a very large radius entry "off-ramp", a right angle two-lane entry/exit road which is a continuation of Jackson St and a second very large radius "on-ramp" back onto Bay St. The 1950s engineers must have had fun imagining a tiny version of a freeway interchange!

And it can lead to bad behaviour. Last year I witnessed a driver entering the parking lot from Bay Street honking and screaming that she was "going to run over" a man walking a dog because he was walking too slowly across the off-ramp.

It would be great if the city set a good example by immediately eliminating the on and off ramps and turned it into a straightforward two lane road intersection (the existing middle road). Remember that this is an extremely high pedestrian density area, especially with pedestrian commuters going to and from downtown. Not to mention children from Central school ...

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