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By Fred Street (anonymous) | Posted November 04, 2013 at 13:09:32 in reply to Comment 94208

The figure was drawn from the ether but the price point is not without precedent. Health care and political fundraisers seem to be routinely in the $300-$500/ticket range, and often in far less distinctive or attractive settings. (The event I cited was black-tie dinner in aid of a new operating suite at Hamilton General, and tickets are $500 per.)

If someone is willing to part with $250 to join 800 people in the Convention Centre, what's to say they wouldn't double down for a chance to be part of something historic?

The HCA would have to spitball it based on its roll of individual and corporate givers. If they think there are not 400 bread-earners of that power in Greater Hamilton, lower expectations.

At an elevated price point you would need to supply more than just the scenery, but I suppose it it comes down to ambition. Or conjecture. However you want to slice that pie in the sky.

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