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By missy2013 (registered) - website | Posted November 03, 2013 at 21:36:56

Fred, the bridge is closed annually for the Around the Bay race in the middle of the day. The vehicular traffic 'pressure' will be a lot less at sundown .... for a few hours.

2 people per 400 blankets = 800 minimum. Not everyone will sit anyway. Some will stand at the railings ~ many will be moving back and forth from each side ...

When the editor replaces the map with the right map for the proposed Ecopark area, you'll see that the City of Burlington is an integral part of the overall conservation scheme. Those who are interested from Burlington ~ or beyond ~ should be able to appreciate the sunset venue as well. No? Does it make any sense, for example, to restrict 'Supercrawl' to only Hamiltonians?

If the bridge was just closed to traffic but 'open' to the public for a few hours for whoever wants to come ~ who is really likely to turn up? Hard to say. Regardless, it is likely that security of some kind would have to be in place to manage 'flow'. And that will be a City expense that would have to be added in to the overall cost to make it happen. Volunteers could play a part here ~ but ultimately, the City would be liable for any accident. ~ This could well be the 'deal breaker'. Though, again, it's worth remembering that the Around the Bay Race crosses over the bridge ~ without incident.

All questions/problems to be dealt with by the ultimate organizing agent ... if and when one steps up.

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