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By Fred Street (anonymous) | Posted November 03, 2013 at 20:43:12 in reply to Comment 94161

Because of the geographic nature of the Ecopark, it would only be neighbourly to invite Burlington to the figurative table as well, which complicates things somewhat.

The HLB is a hundred-meter span that's four lanes wide, or maybe 1,500 square meters. That probably gives you enough real estate for 400 picnic blankets as long as people are content to be shoehorned in like a campus yoga class.

The event will be exclusive by nature. Make it a ticketed fundraiser or a free "happening", but if the bridge is used for a static event like a picnic and not just a walk-through viewing platform, participants will by definition be the privileged few. I floated the notion of a fundraiser simply because environmental stewards can always use more cash.

Philanthropic foibles aside, the main hitch is closing vehicular access: Two highway ramps and whatever through traffic is generated by Plains (transit connectivity to Burlington, for example).

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