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By missy2013 (registered) - website | Posted November 03, 2013 at 17:39:32 in reply to Comment 94157

? - A toxic spill could happen anywhere where pipelines run over, under or around Hamilton and would be tragic no matter where it happened. That possibility is no reason to stop with the creation of a sustainable ecosystem for a variety of different living species that also promotes long-term health for the human community. Is it?

And why is a 'fund-raiser' considered poor bashing? Much of any fund-raising effort is to increase accessibility, services, equipment and facilities that benefit everyone.

As example, you can walk or hike the Bruce Trail at any time from a number of different access points between Niagara to Tobermory. This trail only exists because of dedicated forward-thinking volunteers who spent a lot of time 'fundraising' to get it up and running. Scores of volunteers continue to devote many hours to its safety and accessibility for all ages, regardless of class and colour.

Imagine, for one second, if Cootes Paradise or the RBG had not been created. Imagine if private 'industrial' development had been allowed free rein to build all around that now protected inland waterway. Likewise, imagine if car-dependent suburban sprawl is permitted to eat up the rest of the proposed protected area. Is that the kind of Hamilton you really want for you, your family and friends? I think not.

Growth is inevitable. Managing that growth wisely is what this 'conservation and preservation' of the extended Ecopark is all about. Raising funds to make it a reality, privately and publicly, will benefit all in the region.

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