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By Kevin Love (anonymous) | Posted October 31, 2013 at 20:56:37 in reply to Comment 94015

1,700 is the number of people in Toronto poisoned by car drivers every year and injured so seriously that they have to be hospitalized. 440 is the number of people who are dead due to being poisoned by car drivers.

Please look at page 2 of the backgrounder for details. Here is an excerpt from page 2:

Burden of Illness from Traffic Pollution in Toronto

• As a result of this new study, Toronto Public Health has determined that traffic pollution
gives rise to about 440 premature deaths and 1,700 hospitalizations each year in Toronto.
• While the majority of hospitalizations involve the elderly, traffic-related pollution also
has significant adverse effects on children.
• The study estimates that children experience more than 1,200 acute bronchitis episodes
per year as a result of traffic pollution. Children are also likely to experience the majority
of asthma symptom days (estimated to be about 68,000 per year)
• Overall, this study shows that traffic-related pollution affects a very large number of
people, and contributes to 67,000 acute respiratory symptom days, and 200,000 restricted
activity days during which people spend days in bed or cut down on their usual activities.

Economic Impact of Traffic Pollution
• This study estimates that mortality-related costs associated with traffic pollution in
Toronto are $2.2 billion each year.
• Based on policies in place in other jurisdictions, implementation of comprehensive,
integrated policies and programs could reduce total vehicle travel by 30 to 50%.
• A 30% reduction in motor vehicle emissions in Toronto could save nearly 200 lives and
result in 900 million dollars in health benefits annually

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