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By Kevin Love (anonymous) | Posted October 30, 2013 at 19:29:17

I'll start by writing that I am a professional accountant, and used to people putting forth cost studies that are... shall I say... economical with the truth.

CAA traditionally is a source of... shall I say... bovine effluent when it comes to pricing car costs. A source of certain amusement to me is the things excluded from their cost of individual car ownership. Things like the cost of car parking. Even in far-flung suburbia, the capital and maintenance costs of things like driveways and garages is very far from the zero that appears in the CAA model.

What is particularly disturbing is their handling of the costs of the lethal cancer-causing poisons with which car drivers poison people in Ontario. Toronto's Medical Officer of Health has calculated the health-care costs of treating people who have been poisoned by car drivers at $2.2 billion per year, just in the City of Toronto. See:

or if that's too much, see page two of this backgrounder

I must add that this is an official City of Toronto Medical Officer of Health report, using the Health Canada AQBAT model. Not the dubious car industry funded biased sources used by CAA.

And by the way, City of Hamilton roads are paid for with property tax dollars. Car drivers get a free ride on the property tax.

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