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By lesigh (anonymous) | Posted October 24, 2013 at 16:31:16

I really hate it when people use the adjective-verb "decay" when describing Hamilton or any other socio-economically depressed areas. Decay implies it is a natural process whereas it is actually the result of conscious political-economic policy, which the authour seem to be somewhat aware of. Also, It should be pointed out that Hamilton does indeed have suburbs and it was the process of suburbanization beginning in the 50s that began the economic decline of Hamilton's downtown. It's an easy and widely accepted narrative that globalization is to blame or the outsourcing of heavy industry but local political policies emanating from city hall are as much to blame of the plight of DT Hamilton. This dichotomy between "generic white suburbs" and "Hamilton" that the author presents without much thought is pretty ignorant. Hamilton is not simply the downtown area, east of king and north of main, it is also historically affluent areas such as the Durand, Aberdeen, Westdale. Hamilton's downtown needs to be properly historicized.

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