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By mikeonthemountain (registered) | Posted October 22, 2013 at 08:07:12 in reply to Comment 93494

I agree it's defacto policy, in that, unless you cause a problem or accident, the chances of being ticketed for rolling a stop sign on a bike is negligible.

Educating the people to cycle properly however - a very poor method is to say "this is the law, but between you and me no one obeys it". It creates contention with the motoring public and confusion. (BTW isn't putting mini-yield signs on stop signs how Idaho stops are implemented?)

However, the OHTA is not the 10 commandments chiseled into stone by Moses and preserved for time immortal. It has, and should continue to, be able to evolve and adapt to changing technology, trends, and requirements of citizens. Maybe it is time to expand the toolkit a little bit.

Not to be all cynical - a great example of evolution is the rural cycling and safety policy that require a paved shoulder on all new road work.

One example of a failure is the failure so far to enact a safe passing law whereby drivers are not allowed to brush our arm hairs with their side view mirrors as they scream past with accelerator to the floor.

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