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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted October 21, 2013 at 12:15:06 in reply to Comment 93453

How is it NIMBY to support the transit lane (which I call an excellent idea)? How is it uncompromising to push for a solution that works for all road users? I specifically said that it should be buses AND bikes.

I would also be "okay" with a route one block over in a parallel street ... except that such a route DOESN'T EXIST! This is the whole point of the article.

Have a look at a map of King St between Mary and New street and please tell me where the route "one block over" is ... or are you proposing that the city do some two-way conversions and demolitions?

South of King, the best possible alternative is Jackson street, which is three blocks south for most of the route (adding six blocks or 750m to the trip). It also involves many stop signs, cycling through the city hall parking lot and along a narrow pedestrian path through the Jackson Street Playground onto the Dundurn sidewalk, and then cycling the dangerous stretch of Dundurn between Main and King and making a dangerous left turn onto King St.

Google maps tells me the King St route takes 6 minutes and 2km on a bike, while the Jackson street route is almost three times as long in time (16 minutes) and 35% longer in distance. This is not a viable alternative for a human powered vehicle!

The routes to the north of King are even more circuitous and double the trip time as Ken pointed out.

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