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By Kevin Love (anonymous) | Posted October 19, 2013 at 09:37:59 in reply to Comment 93361

I agree that car parking protected cycle lanes can be done well. They are acceptable by the CROW standard.

By inferior and crappy I was thinking about things like the door zone bike lane on Dundurn. Because it is in the door zone of adjacent parked cars, the most dangerous place on the entire road to ride a bicycle is in the bike lane!

Or the lethal trap on the west side of the new Red Bridge over the QEW where we have a railway crossing that is:

1. Unsigned. Not even a buckboard "Railway Crossing" sign. Much less a gated, signalled level crossing.

2. The rails are at an angle to the road. Dangerous!

3. It is at the bottom of a hill. High speeds. Dangerous!

4. It is at a hairpin turn. Dangerous!

5. There are no lights at night. Dangerous!

6. There is inadequate winter maintenance with no salting so the rails will be covered in ice. Insanely dangerous!

And in about 10 years time we will also have the roadway heaved up, since trees were planted within one meter of it so that their roots will heave up the road surface.

All of these are, of course, violations of the Dutch CROW bicycle traffic design engineering standard.

The point being that if we do not have any design engineering standards so that "anything goes," what we are likely to get is dangerous and unfit for use.

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