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By -Hammer- (registered) | Posted October 18, 2013 at 16:58:37

Charlton would have been a much better location then Hunter. Hunter cuts off at Queen and Wellington, limiting it's ability to serve thie need as a long throughway.It also is a constant cab, pedestrian and car drop off with parking inlets near GO Station, complete with cars opening doors on wary cyclists. That is unless you want to hamstring the GO's parking and the public transit it provides. It also encounters a steep incline behind city hall that limits westbound bike traffic.

Charlton however links easily with exsisting bike path's on Fergusson and right to the Rail Trail system and the future bike developments at Victoria, and runs all the way to McMaster innovation park. Except for a brief area around the main entrance of the hospital, car traffic is limited for most of the street and what car traffic is funneled into the roundabout for the hospital, away from a right side path. It's also a far more level street then Hunter.

Instead now cyclists are going to be using Corktown tunnel illegally (since it is sidewalk) or going to (admitably low traffic) roads on Liberty, Grove and Wellington that don't accomodate bike traffic quite as well. It's also far smaller in scope then a Charlton path could have been. Oh well, maybe this might make the city resdesign Corktown tunnel, which appears to have begun to decay from the inside.

It's a nitpick though, it's good to see some cycling infrastrucuture going up.

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