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By deb (anonymous) | Posted October 17, 2013 at 08:59:17

They only get away with planned obsolescence because we let them - kudos for trying to fix things instead of giving up and buying new. I remember my parents' first washer/dryer pair. After ten years my dad needed to fix something once in a while - he kept the washer going close to 20 years, and the dryer lasted for over 30. I try to limit use of the dryer, it's hard on the clothes anyway (oh but wait, people throw those out after one season...) I hang everything on hangers to dry in the basement except sheets, towels and underwear. Eliminates a few steps too. In the right season this helps offset the fact that the furnace humidifier constantly breaks down (another piece of planned obsolescence) and in the wrong season the basement dehumidifier takes care of the moisture they create. But with ten kids... yeah, a dryer.

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