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By Kevin Love (anonymous) | Posted October 16, 2013 at 19:39:01 in reply to Comment 93323

The cost of the excellent Dutch cycle infrastructure is a not-so-whopping 30 euros per person annually. This more than pays for itself in reduction in health care costs and it also more than pays for itself by not spending money on car infrastructure. One of the very few government expenditures that returns a profit to the government.

My concern with settling for inferior infrastructure is that inferior is what we will get. The CROW traffic engineering design manual provides an engineering standard that can be applied anywhere.

It cannot be fully implemented overnight. But in my opinion, it is best to build each small step to the proper CROW design engineering standard that leads people to say "This is great! My 75-year-old mother is comfortable cycling here! Let's build more of this!"

The alternative is to build inferior infrastructure that leads people to say "This is crappy and dangerous. I'm not going to cycle on it. What a waste of money. We don't need any more of this."

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