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By Sara (registered) | Posted October 15, 2013 at 21:00:38

I look forward to the Hunter bike lanes too, but I would much rather them be protected by planters or concrete blocks than parked cars.

Having used the Rachel Street bike lane in Montreal for many years, I got to see first hand how it is can be very dangerous for bikes to be on the other side of parked cards from the car traffic lanes. In that configuration, bikes are much less visible, and this leads to more collisions at the intersections, when cars turn right or left and forget about the bike lane. Even if they remember to check for bikes, their views are obscured by the parked cars.

Here's a good article from Montreal with collision data from Rachel before they removed the parking lane next to the bike lane, and a picture of the new bike lane, separate by planters and landscaping - so much better visibility!

For comparison here's a picture of the bike lane with parked cars next to it before the changes:

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