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By Borrelli (registered) | Posted October 15, 2013 at 14:33:55

"(This process) acts as a survey and poll of what people are thinking about. It really gives you a sense for where people's heads are at."

The process in Ward 1 is largely held online and somewhat more streamlined than in Ward 2, which relies on in-person democracy at every step to elect neighbourhood councils, choose projects and vote.

As a big-time supporter of the Ward 2 process, I have to quibble and note these quotes illustrate perfectly why Councillor McHattie's "PB" is just straight-up budget consultation, not participatory budgeting.

The whole point of PB is for it to be bottom-up, citizen led participation (discussed among citizens in assemblies), not Councillor-led rubber-stamping of spending ideas. This is a democracy & councillors should be doing this consultation anyway, so I see this more as marketing by the councillor, not deep citizen engagement.

And despite having to digest more of M.A.W.'s banal anti-tax trolling, he's right about the "chosen few." McHattie and his appointees have owned this process from Day One, and it's pretty much PB in name only.

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