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By Joshua (registered) | Posted October 14, 2013 at 13:39:15 in reply to Comment 92996

As a Mountain resident, you don't have to cater to our interests, though it sure seems that way from the councillor's perspective. I would submit, however, that pitting the downtown core against the uptown sprawl is not at all helpful, either, as it poisons the well; the idea is, I think, that we're, whether in mountain or valley, searching for what's best for our communities. Personally, I'll take the healthier communities where citizens are walking, bicycling, and using public transit, because that healthier environment is good for everyone's children, mine included. I'm with you, in many ways, but would suggest that holing up in separate foxholes is not helpful. We can, as Benjamin Franklin apparently said, hang together or we can hang separately.

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