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you're right on. I too, wondered the same thing when I read that story about Gage Park. I think part of the reason for the constant poking and prodding at city hall is because they are ultimately the ones who are allowing the developers to run wild over the countryside. It's not a developers job to 'do this or that' in Hamilton's urban communities. They simply want to make money and the easiest money to be found is in sprawling blobs of cardboard cutouts across farmland. A true urban boundary (like Burlington has) would force the developers to either get creative, or hire someone with a creative bone in their body, to rework the great stock of old buildings in the city and to built on the amazing plethora of empty lots and sites throughout Hamilton. We could add hundreds of new construction projects into the old city of Hamilton itself if the developers were 'forced' to. When I say forced, I mean make it financially feasible, such as the downtown residential loan program, and put an end to low density sprawl. You're right - it should be funded by both parties, but the big problem in Hamilton is that the developers fund election campaigns and in return they get free reign outside of the urban boundary. That is 100% the fault of the politicians and we are simply trying to get citizens to realize that and hopefully bring in some new blood at the next election. Cheers Jason

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