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By Borrelli (registered) | Posted October 08, 2013 at 09:53:13

Councillor Whitehead, please don't worry your pretty little head about our neighbourhoods downtown--we've got things under control. Residents in the lower city will raise our QoL and make our 'hoods more habitable, one street at a time if that's what it takes. No amount of whining and crying from suburbanites who love using downtown as a bypass/sacrifice zone will change that.

Not that ultra-parochialism is the answer to all our problems, but downtown-Hamiltonians have realized that many of our interests are completely at odds with those of Mountain residents, and we simply don't buy that we have to cater to those residents--they don't live here, so they don't get a say. I want two-ways downtown because they will make my life appreciably better, and if that adds 25 seconds to a mountain resident's commute, then so be it--it's my 'hood, not theirs.

So how about a d├ętente: instead of this silly stuff about engaging suburbanites (silly because it's only every about cars--e.g. we don't hear much from the suburbs on addiction issues or social services), we'll mow our lawns, you worry about yours. Thanks.

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