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By mountaingoat (registered) | Posted October 08, 2013 at 09:17:13

Hi Mr. Whitehead, I am wondering that with all those traffic volumes of which you speak (West 5th, Garth, Upper James), why is council not going full steam ahead with implementing a one way street system on the mountain with twinned street concept? Twin Upper Paradise and Garth, Upper James and West 5th, Upper Wellington and Upper Wentworth... etc. Similarly, other "arterial roads" such as Fennell and Mohawk could be made into 4 and 5 lane, one-way streets, one eastbound, one westbound, with a similar plan for twinning Stone church Rd. with Rymal Rd. Personally, I am tired of it taking me 12 minutes to get from my house to Lime Ridge Mall when I could clearly get there in 9 minutes or so with this one-way street scheme. Not to mention all those employees who need to get to the Mall, the airport etc, etc in a timely fashion! As you say, "easy and accessible transportation for employees to get to work...."!

Maybe even Queensdale Ave. and Concession St. could be twinned one-ways too. I am sure the folks who live and who own businesses on all these streets wouldn't mind having a 4 and 5 lane expressway in their front yard, would they? Thanks for taking the time to consider my bold vision for moving traffic efficiently through Mountain "neighbourhoods".

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