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By SCRAP (anonymous) | Posted September 23, 2013 at 19:08:44

Most of the one way streets in down in the city, not out there in suburbia. So who really knows where individuals who are posting live.

While we must all face facts before humanity, such as global warming, peak oil, etc, I find that most people are too busy locked in their individual worlds, which has been created by the capitalists, the military industrial complex, who consume at alarming rates that is not sustainable.

I mean, I , too get frustrated by the nameless masses, who have been brainwashed by our education system, not to have the ability to critically think about anything.

Of course, most would deem me as an idiot, I mean I ahve issue whith those whho psot about the new economy which is low paying jobs without benefits or pensions, which hurt society as a whole. We are taught that the individual should take care of them selves, it is pounded into our brains and has been for decades.

I mean I wonder how many who post on this site actual fight battels in the streets??? Direct action, or are you just pussies who like to complain????

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