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By Brian Cumming (anonymous) | Posted September 22, 2013 at 17:01:06

I work downtown and walk everywhere. I find it ironic that Ryan's photo example of a complete street from Manhattan is a one way street, as are most streets in NYC. The focus should be on complete streets not direction of traffic. If curbside parking was to be allowed on the north side of Cannon along with the new southside cycle lane you would have a complete street. Turn the westbound car lane on Wilson into a cycle lane, allow parking on the south side, presto, a one way complete street. Imagine Main St looking like Ryan's photo. Cycle path and curbside parking from Dundurn to the Delta. As a pedestrian I much prefer one way complete streets. With two way traffic, drivers are looking for gaps to turn left and not paying attention to pedestrians. I have had many close calls at John and King as drivers boot it through a gap turning west onto King. Give me one way complete streets with cycle lanes and curbside parking everywhere and I'll fee much safer.

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