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By brundlefly (registered) - website | Posted September 22, 2013 at 12:53:15

If you're stamping your feet and threatening to leave the city over 2 way streets, all I can say is Goodbye.

Maybe if, & it's a big if... maybe these one ways made sense in the 50's to maximize traffic to the factories, but in my own opinion, if we cater to businesses like that we'd have an off ramp for the new stadium and every Walmart™ in the city. Hell lets build an offramp to Bob Young house.

But we ARE a city, not a side arm of corporations. We need to cater to the people, & the families in these neighbourhoods. The economic vitality of the city is all that will change. I am willing to add 5-10 minutes to my commute around town so I can live in a better neighbourhood. I can't believe some people are not.

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