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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted September 20, 2013 at 23:01:07 in reply to Comment 92388

Let's skip the personal experiences of the people who live around it and who drive on it for a second, since you obviously do both.

Let's look at from another perspective: Name a successful, vibrant, popular city with a population of under a million people that has Hamilton's one-way layout. Name one. If it was great for the city's economy, we should be able to look at a list of successful places, since Hamilton obviously isn't. Once you get a hyper-dense megalopolis like Manhattan or old Montreal, one-way traffic becomes necessary... but below that? Are there any success stories for smaller cities operating one-way traffic?

The place downtown that has seen the biggest progress has been James North, which (coincidentally?) started just after it went two-way.

At the very least - the absolute bare minimum - we have to get everything but the big truck route streets off of one way (and either way, get the big trucks off the "truck route" streets). Those contribute nothing to the city but dangerously fast traffic - does it really benefit anyone that, say, Herkimer is one-way? Is that really a major thoroughfare? What does it contribute besides making Durand hard to navigate?

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