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By Dabsweetie (anonymous) | Posted July 22, 2007 at 22:33:28

I was very pleased to hear that Merulla lost the bid. I don't like the man for several reasons but his obvious lack of concern for the job (or is it a commitment?) that he was elected to do thwarts his relevance as a champion for the cities poor and underprivledged. Yes, he recently voted against a pay raise for city councillors but common sense dictates that if no one else voted against it, and he wasn't planning on sticking around anyway (don't the Queens Park bunch make a lot more?)what difference would it make, except to, once again help promote that timeless image of Mr. HereforthepoorHamiltonian. I find it interesting that the same person, who time and again walks out of council meetings before they are quite over, loses his head in civilized gatherings by heckling, and neglects his duties on various committees by gradually reducing the time spent at those meetings (or just not showing up), can be so adamantly Pro-Poor-little-ol' citizen. Cut the BS Merulla. If you really want to help, this is the place to do it - grassroots - citizens with their hands in the dirt. Grand-standing at Queen's Park hasn't done a whole hell of a lot for many of our "local" politicians. I want to see real change and progress - here in Hamilton. Your comments are most welcome.

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