Comment 92018

By AnjoMan (registered) | Posted September 11, 2013 at 10:36:09 in reply to Comment 91981

You have to also consider what will happen next time the bridge will need to be redone like this - will the same decisions be made for the same reason (i.e. we need to do this quick and cheap)? Will we perpetually maintain and rebuild a bridge that we don't want just to avoid the cost of redesigning?

Anyways, you have to do the design work either way, whether it's a matter of evaluating the bridge and doing the design of how to rebuild it and what needs replacement, or a matter of doing the design work for demoing it and regrading the intersection. My conjecture would be that the work required in re-engineering an overpass would be more costly than the engineering required to fill a hole and build a standard 4-way intersection over-top of it. Of course I'm just making assumptions now, but given Gary Moore's response to Sean Burak, it seems he was also making assumptions.

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