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By AnjoMan (registered) | Posted September 11, 2013 at 10:07:07 in reply to Comment 91940

Engineer here. Even if you use common sense and experience to evaluate a project, you would still do it before the project was completed and you would write it down in a report with a proper assesment. The fact that Gary Moore's experience is available to Public Works does not in any way remove the requirement that actual study and calculation be done. Engineering 'experience' is about knowing what aspects of the project need to be looked at and addressed. Its not a matter of just knowing how the analysis would work out. You still do the analysis, even if you are an experienced engineer.

I'm assuming some level of public consultation would have been completed for this major rehabilitation...that would have been the time to address these concerns.

This is the whole point of the article - there is no evidence that any analysis was done before hand. You're assuming that analysis was done, while the author of this article is assuming that it hasn't been done based on the fact that no real analysis was produced. Its not about 'public consultation' (asking the neighbors) even, its about doing the basic observations and math to see what is the best course of action. A good engineer would justify their choice with more than just a hand-wavy explanation after the fact. If public works had done the analysis they could just produce a report explaining the design choices and we would say 'Ok, you clearly asked the right questions and came to a sensible conclusion'. Where is that report?

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