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By in the market for a new insurer (anonymous) | Posted September 14, 2006 at 09:38:15

I'm changing insurers too. Mainway probably. Anyone else know of any other downtown brokers? Someone that has such contempt for their own city/downtown will not get my money.

Free parking is a myth. Read _The High Cost of Free Parking_ reviewed by Ryan McGreal here

I'm not even going to mention the environmental costs of 'free' parking and car use, because there isn't any matrix to measure it. I also believe this DT employee wouldn't care anyway.

Someone is paying for that parking lot in the Meadowlands – believe me. I know 'getting something for nothing' is an attitude and philosophy that has grown to gross proportions since the post-war/baby-boom era, but ‘free’ parking is a myth.

The landlord is paying taxes and paying to maintain that piece of ashphalt. Do you actually think the landlord just pays for it because they're nice? It’s factored into the overhead costs and passed onto Dalton Timmis in the form of a lease. The lease costs become DT's overhead and factored into the costs of every DT customer's premiums. So who is paying for your 'free' parking?

Furthermore downtown is very convenient for bus transit. Your offices were right across from Gore Park, it can't get better than that. If your employer requires you to use a car for business -- then I don't know about you -- but 'good' companies expect to reimburse their employees (including the $30 for parking) if they use their cars for such purposes. Or does the 'something for nothing' entitlement attitude run that deep at Dalton Timmis?

I’m not sure how you can judge a ‘civilized’ person while seated in your car and the person who you’ve judged to be ‘civilized’ is seated in their car? That’s talent. Maybe they just beat the crap out of their wife and kids. Or are you simply relying on the fact that they have gainful employment and a foreign vehicle so they must be ‘civilized’?

Don’t blame a city for being a city. Don’t call the pot black. If you want to live in a “Logan’s Run” world or a “Chrysalids” novel (you pick the sci-fi) that is your choice. I’ll tell you now, it doesn’t exist, except in fiction, where the point is to alert people from taking that path, where we judge people because life may not have treated them as ‘nice’ as you. Some people didn’t have the fortune of being born into a middle-class, functioning, happy family. Social problems exist in the Meadowlands too. It’s just not as obvious, because they are hidden away in their ‘great rooms’.

I’m sure you’re a good person and don’t really want to have pregnant 15 year olds shipped-off to an island. (How old was your grandmother when she first gave birth?) Maybe you’re seeing everyone as an insurance risk, well for goodness sake stop judging people through an actuarial and see people, especially if they are needy. One of those panhandlers could’ve been you.

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