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A recurring theme among these articles is why is City Hall not doing this or that. Why should it be solely up to City Hall? It's time the business sector in this city started to give back to the community. Most Hamiltonians want a better city, but they expect council to pay for it all. It doesn't have to be that way. I grew up in Hamilton but now live in downtown Burlington. A great deal of projects to enhance Burlington are funded jointly by City Hall and the business sector. This is partly why Burlington is getting a new waterfront park, why the old stores downtown are being restored and the list goes on. Also more residents should be involved in making a change. Gage Park is jewel in Hamilton's crown but in a recent article the Park Dept. stated it only had so much funding a year to pay for restoration and replanting work. Would it not make sense then to set up a Gage Park Conservancy Trust run by members of the public who through fundraising events get more cash. This is how NYC pays to upkeep Central Park.

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