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By Transportation Guy (anonymous) | Posted September 10, 2013 at 14:37:20 in reply to Comment 91967

How are you not advocating choking traffic? Where are you planning on putting the bike lanes?

I'll use Main Street West from the 403 to Queen as an example.

Every weekday I travel through there between 8 and 9 am. This trip is already stop and go because of the traffic at that time.

Taking out a lane for a bike lane now chokes it even more.

Truck simply need more room to move. To turn, to back up etc. That's why you don't see transport trucks on side streets.

As to how it might result in out of control fires... I have read advocates for reducing streets to one travel lane per direction after bike lanes and parking is taken into consideration. Now, take my 403 to Queen street scenario in mind and imagine what happens when the fire truck can't get through because there is no longer anywhere for the cars to get out of the way.

I really don't have much concern if bake lanes are put in place where they do little harm to the flow of traffic, so I don't have an all or nothing approach, they just really don't have to be everywhere.

The rail trail already goes the span of the City, Cannon seems to be a done deal. The Harbour-front trail is being expanded.

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