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By engineer (anonymous) | Posted September 10, 2013 at 11:55:52

As an engineer, in the traffic/highway design field, I wholeheartedly agree with Gary Moore's comments. To say that some of his comments are bizarre is surprising. You claim that you're an engineer (in what field?), so you should be aware that engineering judgement based on extensive experience is key and that full studies do not need to completed for everything. No offense, but I trust Mr. Moore's assessment of the site more than yours when it comes to regrading requirements and property impacts if an at-grade intersection were to be introduced. In addition, you'd be surprised how much the reconstruction of this area to an at-grade would cost...with removal of the existing structures and such.
I'm not too familiar with the municipal class EA, but I'm assuming some level of public consultation would have been completed for this major rehabilitation...that would have been the time to address these concerns. Not now that it's under construction.

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