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By former DT Insurance customer (anonymous) | Posted September 13, 2006 at 14:49:47

After reading that kind of commentary, I am now shopping for a new insurer. If an employee could be so wrong about the downtown core, then I refuse to continue to give them my business.

I live downtown and cannot disagree more with this narrow, ignorant view of downtown. The downtown core is no less safe than any of the overrated mountain neighbourhoods. Given a choice, at night I would much rather be in an area with a multitude of pedestrains, video surveillance and regular police foot patrols than stuck in a desolute area crossing an empty unwatched parking lot in the dead of night.

What is Dalton Timmis thinking of? Have they not noticed the improvements to the downtown core? Does no one there read the paper or review the news highlighting the new Connaught development, the Tivoli rehab, the improved AGO, the influx of retailers in Jackson Square/City Centre? The new residences down the road at the old Century, at King and Ferguson, at King William and Jarvis? The Hilton planned for Bay and Main? The redevelopment of Lister? Victoria Hall?

I say good riddance, and encourage others who live and work in the downtown area to dump them as insurers.

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