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By Cal DiFalco (registered) - website | Posted July 13, 2007 at 13:32:27

I like the thrust of what you are recommending, and so please don't interpret my comments as a challenge yo your thinking. However, I believe that the changes you are proposing must contemplate certain other factors.

One such factor is that not all people are healthy enough to ride a byclcle or to walk great distances. Some can't walk short distances. Thus, I beleive that an environmentally friendly transportation system must be developed to augment your ideas. I realize you are going for low cost quick wins, and I support that, but I worry about measures that end up serving only a slice of the population. If it's incremental change we are looking for, than the solution makes sense, provided it is a piece of the larger planning around moving people around.

High density planning makes practical sense at face value. I think we need to be cautious and explore the net benefits and net downfalls of such planning. It will likely create different types of problems and it is best that we go into such a model "eyes open", having studied and considered other jurisdictions experiences with such an approach.

Overall however, I support your thinking. I think having a byclcle friendly and pedestrian friendly environment will not only be a wise move from a health and safety perspective, but it may also promote a greater sense of community and help businesses. It's hard to meet anyone or visit a shop you've never been to, when your driving by at 50 clicks.

Great discussion and good ideas here.


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