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By Kevin Love (anonymous) | Posted August 20, 2013 at 03:59:27 in reply to Comment 91046

Yes, I entirely agree. Cumberland is an excellent example. That is part of my commute route to work every day. Although it is signed as a bike route and used by a lot of cyclists, it is rather horrible to use.

There are far too many rat-running cut-through car driving criminals that engage in aggressive, violent and dangerous behaviours. The worst is illegal passing.

This street is clearly marked as "no passing" thoughout its entire length. And I do my best to underline this by cycling properly and exercising proper lane control to send a clear "do not pass" signal. Yet all too frequently some criminal car driver will illegally pass 1-2 other cars as well as myself, pull right in front of me and then slam on his brakes because he is, of course, now right in front of a stop sign.

Frequently I have seen the illegal passer almost hit a pedestrian, cyclist or even another car driver. At, of course, a very high rate of speed.

And when I take the licence plate number and telephone in a criminal complaint the Hamilton Police do... nothing. Even when the Dangerous Driving criminal offence took place right in front of the school and the school crossing guard is a second witness to the crime scene. They do nothing. Child safety? What's that?

By eliminating cut-through car drivers, concrete and steel bollards would stop these criminals from committing the criminal offence of Dangerous Driving. It would also stop them from adding to the rather high body count of people that they have already killed and seriously injured.

And it would save money, because it would no longer be necessary to employ no less than three school crossing guards.

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