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By Sigma Cub (anonymous) | Posted August 19, 2013 at 11:07:54

Good to see some progress being made.

These enhancements should be mandatory at every intersection bordering a school, hospital or long-term care home -- along with extended cross times.

BTW, I still don't understand how an intersection can merit the hard-wired expense of a red light camera:

• King & Dundurn
• King & Locke
• Main & Dundurn
• Main & Bay
• Cannon & Hess
• Cannon & Hughson
• Cannon & Kenilworth
• Upper James & Brantdale
• Upper Sherman & Queensdale
• Stone Church & Upper Wentworth

...yet not be considered a priority for high-visibility zebra crossings.

I assume that drivers' habitual disregard for these intersections precipitated these camera placements. (Or, as in the case of Upper Gage/Fennell, that a red light camera will soon follow the installation of zebra crossings: If that's true, how does the City explain the lack of urgency around improving pedestrian safety at these same intersections?

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