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By Downtown Lover (anonymous) | Posted August 16, 2013 at 13:43:59 in reply to Comment 90975

You are 100% correct.

It's silliness like this, and the complicity (or lack of action) on the part of our elected officials in City Hall & Queen's Park that could lead to us losing these cultural and historical symbols in our downtown core.

Lets not allow our downtown suffer the same fate as that of Brantford. WB has no plans for these buildings, except to knock them down, only because it would be cheaper to do so now, then at a later date. At best, they (WB) have expressed the desire for a large grocery or retail store ("like Target"). Hamiltonians, can now look forward to either an empty lot in Gore Park at worst, or a Target store at best. City Council is, indeed asleep at the wheel on this one.

If this project moves forward, and we lose those beautiful (and, until recently, commercially occupied) buildings, I propose a fundraising campaign to lay a plaque in Gore Park, listing the names of City Council as the members who sat on their hands while while Gore Park was lost. We publicly commemorate those who help build the downtown, so lets also publicly shame those who let downtown die.

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