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By real cyclist (anonymous) | Posted August 10, 2013 at 12:20:27

For Pete's sake, why is everyone beating around the bush here?

Anyone who uses the path can easily see the problem. It is a handful of self absorbed cyclists who are using a busy multi-use path as a training facility for high speed cycling.

Heads down, they silently speed through troves oif unsuspecting path users expecting all to instantly yield to their sudden appearance and passage. A few even display frustration at the other users who seem to not understand the imperative of their training mission.

Look closely and you notice that few, if any, of these particular cyclists' machines are even equipped with a bell.

Post the trail for a maximum 20kph and enforce it with radar. Those few abusers who are making the public path dangerous to use will hopefully begin to realize how selfish and thoughtless their behaviour is when it's explained to them by the friendly police officer.

The design of the trail is fine. A few people are misusing it. That is all.

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