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By jason (registered) | Posted August 09, 2013 at 11:28:11 in reply to Comment 90705

certainly the area around Hutch's is the busiest and needs the most attention. And due to the placement of the restaurant, it's back doors open right onto the paved path.

Perhaps an idea would be to convert this entire section of the path into a wooden boardwalk with large 'bollards' placed at either end and signs warning of a "congested area ahead, slower cycling speeds required".

This same treatment may be one to consider in front of Barangas and the Lakeland Pool area. Like most things in an urban setting, the design will dictate how people use a road, sidewalk, path etc.....

For example, some large decorative bollards could be placed at either entrance to the wooden section forcing everyone to slow down:

Kind of overkill here, but same idea before a sharp right bend in the trail:

And of course, there are ways to make it fun and artistic, which again lends to folks slowing down to see something unique ahead:

My point is, speed humps are probably the worst idea for this area. Think of the impact on joggers, rollerbladers, kids running etc....

I'm all for a few congested nodes along the waterfront that require slow speeds, but let's enhance the public realm as a solution, not just look for the most boring, utilitarian solution possible.

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