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By rprouse (registered) | Posted August 09, 2013 at 10:16:15

While I agree that a second path would be nice, I don't think that there is room and it would probably cut into the vegetation that has been re-introduced to prevent erosion. Besides, most of the danger around Hutches is people crossing the path down to the beach. A second path wouldn't change that.

I live on the beach strip, am a competitive cyclist and ride on the path regularly. The area around Hutches is particularly dangerous. It is very busy, people tend to cross the path at this point rather than walk along it and kids are always darting out.

I always ride slowly through this area, but many cyclist and some inline skaters who are training go through there at speeds greater than 30 km/h. The new signage is helping, but more needs to be done. Speed bumps do not need to be large enough to impede anyone, they just need to be enough to draw attention to the fact that you should be slowing down in this area.

In an ideal world, cyclists would pay attention to the signs and slow down and walkers would look both ways before crossing the path, but it doesn't happen, so something more needs to be done. Maybe speedbumps aren't the best solution, but let's not paint this as an anti-cyclist initiative. It is being proposed by the cycling committee and as a cyclist I support it.

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