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By The X Guy (anonymous) | Posted August 09, 2013 at 10:00:44

I'm going to have to partially disagree with you on this.....your article doesn't address the real problem here - speed, and safety of all users in this particular area

I did not read the report, but the excerpt in your article mentions speed bumps nears Hutchs. so I'm focusing on that area…...

My wife and I cycle the waterfront a few times a year, most recently this past civic holiday monday. The section from hutches to baranga's is by far the busiest part on the hamilton side of the beach strip, and you can imagine how busy it would be on a holiday weekend.

Yes, a separate pararell trail would allow for faster moving people in this area, but the problem is beach access. There are an awful lot of people walking to and from the beach in this area. On almost every other spot on the trail, users are moving forward. In this area, people stop, chat, walking on and off the trail, etc. Last year we witnessed a near collision with a cyclist and a small child who darted across the path towards the beach (i think after another parent who was ahead)

So my recommendation would be to do what spencer smith park does during large events there - big signs on the entrance of these congested areas stating "cyclists must dismount" during busy times

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